Uber Cool Wedding Favors Your Guest Will Love

Aren’t we all are bored of gifting same old ‘Mithai Ka Dabba’ and ‘Chocolates’ with cards. Also, how cliche it is to gift every guest bangles or tiaras at mehendi function. We are sure guest at every wedding are equally tired of receiving same stuff over and over again.

No worries, we curated a list of things you can gift without going bonkers and not only your guest are going to love receiving them but are actually going to use them.

Tea Bags

Where there is tea, there is love and especially us Indians can’t do without tea. Your guests are sure going to adore you for an assorted pack of tea bags. Add in different flavours or maybe some coffee as well. Trust us, you’ll be their cup of tea after this šŸ˜‰

Handmade Soaps

Who doesn’t like having long showers in this scorching heat? What will double up fun for your guest is some exclusive handmade soaps that smell like heaven. After all, they make your body a priority.

Seeds and Plants

Name one who isn’t fond of some greenery around. This is undoubtedly our favourite in the list. Every time they’ll water the plant and watch it grow, they’ll think of you and bless you for such a thoughtful gift. (We just heard AWW)

Passport Holder

Okay, we already are sure you will agree that your guests are going to go GAGA over this. Everyone loves travelling and everyone needs a passport cover. Get them personalised and you’ll travel with every guest to different parts of the world.

Scented Candles

Candles as wedding favorsĀ are a big hit and are loved by all. Get them personalised, write a cutesy note along and make the guest happy. Their nostrils will thank you for the scent that’s our guarantee

Homemade Jam

We know the importance of sweets and especially when it comes to Indian Weddings, sweets take a different turn altogether. Why stick to mithai and not try some homemade jam packed with goodness. The guest won’t stop dancing with joy at breakfastĀ table.

Lehariya Dupattas

We tried but couldn’t stop ourselves from mentioning something exclusive for ladies. These colourful Leheriya Dupattas are going to leave all the ladies out there with smiling faces. No women ever have enough clothes even if it’s a dupatta, they just need it.

Make a statement with these uber cool gifts and don’t forget to capture grinning faces while receiving them. Your guest will surely remember your wedding for longest.

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