Rajasthani Theme Mehendi Under 25 K? Yes It’s Possible *DIY ALERT*

Mehendi is one of the most sought after function in any wedding and honestly why not? It’s easy breezy, quirky and utmost it’s super fun. But spending a bomb on Mehendi Function isn’t exactly¬†your idea of celebration? Don’t worry, we gotcha you!

You can actually DIY a super colourful Rajasthani Theme Mehendi that too under 25 K. All you need is some loyal friends and maybe a pizza treat for them later ūüėČ


Why pay a heavy cheque to the owner of some fancy hotel when your garden or terrace can solve the purpose. Just ask ‘Tent Wale Bhaiya’ to arrange a small set up. If the weather isn’t favourable for outdoor sitting, just move all the furniture of living area to a side and Voila! you have a venue that to one with sentimental values.
Cost: Rs. 5000 for the tent.


Why worry when you can use all the mattress in your house for lower sitting. Rent some bright bedsheets, spread them out and you have comfortable sitting for all. Add some moodas and Khats for desi touch and you are good to go.
For extra comfort use cushions available with you and borrow some from your friends. Go, buy colourful cushion covers from the nearest flea market at dirt cheap price and jazz them up with help of Gota, Mirror and pom pom.
Cost: Rs. 2000 for the set of 10 cushion covers.
Rs. 500 for Gota, Mirrors and Pom Pom


* Buy Umbrellas made out of colourful clothes and hang them around. For a cheaper alternative, pick loads and loads of colourful kites and add them everywhere or just use them as table mats. You can also stick pictures to kites, hang them in rows and you have brilliant photo display.
Cost- Rs. 2000 for 10 Umbrellas
Rs. 500 for multiple sets of different kites.

* Collect the glass bottles from your house and some from Kabad Shop. Paint them in different shades, or just cover them up with colourful yarn and twin. Huddle them up in multiple corners or just use them as vases.

Cost: Rs. 2000 for bottles, paint and twins.

* Nothing like earthen pots when it comes to Rajasthani theme. Buy them in bulk and in all sizes, paint them and decorate them using mirrors. Use these earthen pots at the entrance with marigolds hanging around.
Cost: Rs. 1500 for 20 pieces of earthen pots.

* Take out all the old bangles and fill baskets with them or just make wreath out of them. It will be a piece of attraction. You can also buy some ghungroo bangles and gift them as mehendi favours.

Cost- Rs. 40 for each pair.

* Flowers for the win. Hang garlands, use them as mats or simplest of all is make a rangoli out of flowers.

Cost: Rs. 10-15 for each garland

* Wrap them dupattas along with fairy lights for a stunning backdrop. If your creativity is oozing out you can even make a canopy out of them.

* You can also DIY a photo booth by simply painting old bicycle of yours in quirky colours and adding Pinwheels and Umbrellas to it.
In fact, why not bribe Rickshaw wale uncle with some money and great food and paddle his rickshaw to home, deck it up using flowers, add some colourful dupattas to the background and what you’ll see is a stunning photo booth.

From leftover money call a dholwala¬†and buy some finger licking snacks like Kachoris, Samosa, Jalebi. Your guest won’t mind some kulfi and chai to go with it all.


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