Five Rajasthani Movies so Good, That You will Forget Bollywood Masala

It is no secret Bollywood rules Indian Cinema. With a market flooded with over 1000 films every year, Regional Cinema has lost its essence. Though in past 10 years regional cinema is flourishing but still, only popular ones are South Indian, Punjabi and Bengali cinema.

Somewhere between Box office hits and Critics favorite, Rajasthani Cinema decayed. Zero popularity, very few commercial success and negligible response from audience never really helped the cinema. The devastated condition of cinema which is full of Culture, Heritage and Art is traumatic for us. Here are 5 hidden gems of Rajasthani Cinema you shouldn’t miss on next movie spree.


According to records, Bai Chali Sasariye was the only commercial successful film made in Rajasthani language. This 1988 film starred some of the most popular faces of time. The story revolves around Lakshmi and her struggles to survive. Her mother dies in labor while giving birth to her  and her step mother never treats her like family. When grown up, in an arrange set up she gets married and her life turns into hell leading to her untimely death. This movie was remade in Marathi and Bollywood. Also the music of the film was really popular and title track was recently used in Balika Vadhu. 


Our personal favorite on the list,Hivade Me Fute Laadu is the directorial debut of Dr. Shreyans Jain. Released in 2016, this film gained acknowledgment from people around world. It is the story of a 12 year girl and obstacles she face to pursue her passion for dancing. This story touch subject of Girl child education, Child labour, domestic violence and alcoholism beautifully. You will find yourself smiling at her innocence and will be left teary eyes during certain scenes. You just can’t miss this brilliant piece of cinema. Trust us, you won’t regret making time for this beauty.


The story of Chundri Odhasi Mahro Bir  is based on a 500 years old Rajasthani folklore. Kingh Jujhar Singh suspected Rani Padmavati of an illegitimate relationship with her childlike brother Lala Hardoul and asked her to prove her purity by poisoning him. After his death, Queen Kunjavati,  sister of Hardoul vows that her brother will come back to perform Bhaat ceremony in her daughter’s wedding. Does he come back? You gotta watch this film to know the answer. This story is full of emotions and human beliefs and takes you back to royal time.

Also it stars one of the most popular face of television Divyanka Tripathi. This 2012 emotional drama is sure to take you on a roller coaster ride.


This film is heart-wrenching, shocking and throws light at issues of rural India which are still alive. The plot revolves around husband accusing his wife of extramarital affair and cheating on him with a man from same village. Sanja, the female lead played by Divya Dutta is then asked by panchayat to pay an amount of thirty thousand as compensation to her husband or her face will be blackened and her hair chopped. She is given 3 months to collect the amount and is forced to dance and sing to raise the amount. Just before the deadline, her lover cheats her. Since she couldn’t raise the amount in time of 3 months, she is given humiliated punishment by hands of village elders.

Watch out this film for a strong story and powerful portrayal of characters by each and every artist.


Fauji Ki Family is a Rajasthani comedy drama which is a two installment film. The first and second both parts revolve around utterly uneducated Shepard and the village he lives in. Every villager is illiterate as well. The nuisance they create out of nothing is hilarious and leaves you rolling on the floor laughing. Watch out both installments though second part remains our favorite.

We believe just like us, you also want to promote Rajasthan and its cinema worldwide. Bring on some pyaz ki kachori, jalebi and rabri because popcorns are too mainstream 😉

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