Spread Smiles & Join Jaipur in the Celebrating the Joy of Giving- Daan Utsav

Jaipurites came together on 2nd October to mark the start of Joy of Giving week by the means of various activities. The city witnessed a flash mob by college students at Gaurav Tower so as to evoke more and more people to join hands for India’s ‘festival of giving’.

The series of events under Daan Utsav campaign started with ‘Rang De!’ at Sindhi Camp where a group of artists and common citizen gathered to clean and beautify the area with graffiti, plants, etc. at 6 in the morning. This will be continued for till 8th October every day.  Other activities included ‘Gift a Frame’ by city photographers who clicked family pictures of slum dwellers and gifted the frames to them. Through  ‘Kalaa Kartavya’ event volunteers clicked smiling selfies with strangers, spreading real smiles in the world full of emotionless emoticons.


A city-based NGO, Naya Sawera took charge of distributing sandwiches to various slum dwellers, rickshaw pullers and others in need. The volunteers prepared the sandwiches on their own and distributed them to the people.

Events & Activities

Daan Utsav will be celebrated till 8th October across India. Many activities by various social groups, citizens, business ventures etc. will be undertaken. Some of the activities to follow up under this campaign are:

·         Rang De! | 2-8 Oct| 6:30 AM- 9:00 AM| Sindhi Camp Metro Station

·         Flash Mob| 8th Oct| 4:30 PM| Albert Hall|

·         Kalaa Kartavya| 2-8 Oct

·        Food for Change| 2-8 Oct| Chaisa, O2- The Plant Cafe, Tea Tradition, The Good Times, The Veg Grill

·         Ullas| 8th Oct| 10 AM to 5 PM| Omkar Garden, Sodala|

“This is the celebration of giving, a festival. No one owns Holi or Diwali, same is the case here. Daan Utsav is for everyone and anyone. More and more people should come forward to join the initiative in their own ways.” said Tirth Raj Bhutoria, a Daan Utsav volunteer.

What can you do?

Go out, join these amazing people for the events or host one of your with friends, family, and others. Even if you don’t have time to go overboard and do some thing elaborated, here’s a list of small things that won’t take much from your end by will definitely brighten up yours and someone else’s day.

·         Give a ‘jaadu ki jhappi’ to a sweeper, watchman, etc. and thank them for their services.

·         Take some street kids on a Joy Ride or give them some sandwiches and candies.

·         Gather a few friends and clean up a public park.

·         Have a bucket bath- save water!

·         Take public transport on your next trip and donate saved money.

·         Go to lunch with your office peon and learn his life story.

·         Teach an illiterate person to write his name.

·         Gift a meal or a blanket to a homeless.

·         Make a pot of chai and serve it to night watchman.


There are endless ways in which you spread the joy. This is a festival, go figure out your way of celebrating. And don’t forget to pick up atleast one act of kindness that you can carry on for all your life. Smile & spread the joy!

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