Influenced by Blue Whale Challenge,17-year-old girl jumped into a lake

A young girl, from  Jodhpur city, tried to kill herself for completing the deadly challenges of blue whale game. During investigation victim’s parents revealed to the police that this is her second suicide attempt. In the first attempt, she allegedly consumed some pills at home and immediately rushed to the hospital. Studying in class 10th, the girl told her parents on Monday that she was going out to meet her friends. The Same day, she drew a whale (the last task of a game) on her arm and discarded mobile phone before hopping into the lake.
Blue whale challenge is fabled to be a suicide game, where a group of administrators gives participant daily tasks for a period of 50 days. As a proof, participants are expected to share photos of the challenges completed by them. Tasks include listening to certain music, waking up at odd hours, watching a horror movie and then tasks becomes more deadly and challenging, eventually lead to suicide.
Further investigation revealed that this girl is suffering from depression and the doctors advised her to start counseling soon.  Dr. K R Daukiya said she was out of threat yet has been kept in the ICU for the examination. The doctor who is handling her case said “When the girl was brought here last morning, she was quite stressed. But after treatment, she spoke about how she got into it.”
Teenagers are highly vulnerable to such games, thus it is important for parents and guardians to keep a vigilant eye on their wards.  Begin by teaching gadget hygiene to your child. Give them lower-end phones (they need phones for communication and security purposes only) and limited balance prepaid cards. This suicide game veers users to life threatening tasks like slitting their wrist, etc. Be cautious if your child is a regular user of gadgets and play games online. Talk to them about it and consult an expert if the need be.

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