Distressed with Demonetization, GST, RERA…. Indebted Property Dealer Poisoned Self & Family

Dungarmal Jangir, a Jaipur-based property dealer residing at Kalwaar Road poisoned his family of five, including his wife Suman (41), daughter Khushi (14), and sons Jitendra (21) and Dharmendra (16) after which he committed suicide. Four of them died, while the 16-year-old Dharmendra is battling for life at SMS Hospital. Jintendra was an engineering graduate and was planning to go to Dubai for a job in the next few days.

The incident took place in Sarvodaya Enclave. A suicide note was also found. It mentions that Dungarmal was defrauded by a priest named Vishambhardas of Shri Janki Sita Ram Temple, Jagatpura. The letter states that Dungarmal had borrowed money from people and gave it to the priest who hails from Mahala. The priest later refused to return the money. Police said that he committed suicide due to financial distress.

Dungarmal had fled from his house to avoid lenders nearly two years ago after many cheques he had given to lenders bounced. His wife registered a missing person’s report with the police. Dungarmal returned after remaining six months in hiding.

The incident came to light when a lender turned up at Dungarmal’s doorstep to demand his money back. When he didn’t get any response, he went to the house of Dungarmal’s sister.

According to the police, when no one opened the house door until 10 in the morning, Dungarmal’s sister and neighbors repeatedly knocked on the door. Dharmendra finally walked to the door in a semi-conscious state and opened it.

They rushed Dungarmal, his wife Suman, daughter Khushi and sons Dharmendra and Jitendra to SMS Hospital where Suman, Jitendra, and Khushi were pronounced dead on arrival. Dungarmal and Dharmendra were admitted to hospital. Dungarmal too passed away soon.

Dungarmal invested a huge amount of money in property business a few years back but the downfall in the property market with the introduction of demonetization, GST and strict regulations of Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) made him insolvent. He borrowed money from many sources but unable to pay back the debts the 45 years-old resorted to familicide.

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