7 Types Of People You Find Only During Navratri

Festivals are our favourite but the Navratri fever is on some next level! The nine days of Navratri are always oozing with energy and we absolutely love it.

Them festive days are close and we cannot wait to lose ourselves in the very essence of Navratri. Here are 7 types of people you will encounter during Navratris.

The Sanskari Admirer

So this person has been waiting for Navratri since forever and these nine days bring out their festive mood like no other time. They’re really passionate about it and legit fast for 9 days and follow each ritual precisely.

The Befikra

This person is the square peg in a round hole and is never excited about the festivities of Navratris. He/She is probably hogging at KFC and doesn’t really believe in compromising their meals. We know you secretly relate to this 😉

The Fruit Devotee

So this person is apparently fasting by hogging just fruits and nothing else. They secretly wish to lose weight with the aim of fasting. Everytime you ask this person if they’re fasting, their reply would be “Main sirf fruits khaati hun.”

The Wise Cheaters

This person is fasting in the best way possible. You’ll find this person gobbling Vrat Ki Chaat, Vrat Ki Aloo Ki Tikki, Vrat Ke Pakore, Vrat Wali Special Thali And Other Vrat Wali Dishes. Are you fasting? OFCOURSE YES!

The Party Poppers

Nine days means nine outfits and this person is practicing Garba from a long time now and Navratri is the time they got to showcase their skills. This person dresses up and enjoys to the fullest with their Dandiya sticks every night.


The Forced Enthusiast

So this person belongs to a family who is an ardent Navratri lover but has no personal interest in the festivities. He/She is forced to fast with the other family members but secretly dislikes the concept because food is the very essence of life!

The Festive Repellants

This person is well verse with what is not supposed to be done during Navratris but cannot stop themselves from chugging out with their friends. He/She is definitely spotted enjoying ‘happy hours’ while everyone is busy with the festivities!

Are we right or are we right?

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