6 Bizarre Rajasthani Villages That Will Make You Go WTF!

Rajasthan never fails to stun, be it for its nobility, culture, royalty, overwhelming beauty or strange beliefs. Interestingly, there are as many as stories as people living in this majestic State. Some of these beliefs are quite famous and attract curious minds from across the world.

Here, we bring to you stories from 6 villages in Rajasthan where local customs and beliefs can send chills down your spine.

Highly Qualified Illiterates In Ramnagar


Ramnagar is a village with over 500 people and most of the villagers are named after top ranking posts, offices, eminent personalities and mobile brands. A person was named High Court because, at the time of his birth, his grandfather was acquitted in a criminal case. Congress, a passionate follower of Indira Gandhi, named his family members as Sonia, Rahul, and Priyanka. Illiterate yet highly qualified villagers, as their name suggests.

So, don’t be surprised when you hear someone saying “Pradhan Mantri has gone to fetch water from the well” (sic)

Fixed Deposits For Pigeons

Shekhawati, a historic region in Rajasthan is famous for its grand Havelis. Another reason why this region is famous, is because locals here have undying love and affection for the birds. And their way of expressing love towards the birds is quite whimsical. According to a hundred-year-old tradition followed in Shekhawati, locals contribute the interest they receive on their fixed deposits into the fund created to provide grains and water to the pigeons. They also contribute at the time of birth, marriage, death of the senior member of the family.

As it is rightly said, do good and good will come to you.

Devotees Voluntarily Received Snake Bites At Holy Festival

A small district in Rajasthan, Tonk, witnessed a strange celebration in its Veer Teja Temple in September last year. Devotees willingly accepted snake bites in order to be blessed with good fortune.  They believe that the snake bite would cure them of prolonged diseases.

Strange Secret Behind Second Marriage In Derasar Village 

A small village in Barmer district has about 70 Muslim families and every single man in this village marries twice. Having more than one wife is common in Islam but this is not the reason here. You will be surprised to know the motive. It has been observed, that if a man marries twice, he is more likely to bear kids with the second wife. However, this doesn’t create any brawl between the first and second wife, they live together as a happy family.

 Live-In-Relationships, Tradition Carried Out For Almost 1000 years 

Garasias are small tribal group residing in Mount Abu Road near Pali. What makes this tribe different from other is that live-in relationships are a tradition in this community and such a couple can even have kids. Polygamy is also practiced in this community, if the first wife is unable to bear sons.

A woman, whether married or unmarried, has the liberty to choose another man if that man is ready to pay a higher price to the woman’s partner.

Something that India may find hard to accept? 

The Rat Temple Of Rajasthan

Karni Mata Temple situated in a small town, Deshnok, which is located 30 km from Bikaner is famous for rats. There are more than 20,000 rats at this temple. The people of that village and the royal family worship these rats. It is believed that the rats are the avatars of dead ancestors of Charan clans. When rats die, they are born as humans and the cycle continues. On the other hand, white mice are considered to be the holiest.

Incredible Rajasthan, isn’t it?

PS: All the characters and incidents here are not a work of fiction.



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