Woman Made To Eat Bodily Waste & Beaten To Death By Relatives Near Jaipur

India celebrated its 71st Independence Day yesterday & while everyone was talking about the development of the country in past years, improving living standards & all things shaping into better, a horrific case of murder was registered in Kekri Village of Ajmer district of Rajasthan.

Kanya Devi Raigar, a 40-year-old widow was labelled as a witch by her relatives after her husband passed away. She was tortured for hours before she died due to several infections & injuries. The soul shattering incident took place on August 3rd and was reported by her daughter on 10th of August.

Kanya Devi

The woman’s husband passed away a month ago and since then she was living with her son & daughter. On 3rd August she was dragged out of her house by her husband’s side of the family. They declared as her witch and claimed it was her who killed her husband. They tore her clothes as punishment & what followed after that was dreadful. She was tied with chains and was forced to parade in the village naked. They threw stones at her, made her sit on burning coals, made her eat their excrement, burnt her body using hot rods & pierced her eyes with them. They kept beating her till she died on spot & then cremated her.

File photo of Village Kekri

They kept a close watch on her son & daughter so that a case can’t be registered. Even the village panchayat sought to cover up the incident, directing the murderers to go to Pushkar and take a holy dip to wash their sins and also warning that anyone who disclosed the incident to the authorities would be cast out from the community. Her daughter filed a case against her family. The police have registered the case under relevant IPC sections, including murder, and provisions of the Rajasthan Prevention of Witch- Hunting Act, 2015. Since the body was cremated, no post-mortem could be conducted. The police have arrested all 5 terminators.

The incident has left us in major shock. We are living in the 21st century & these cases are a big reason for concern. Every year hundreds of cases are registered by Police in Rajasthan under Witch-Hunting Act but it never stops. Is it the poor laws or the high illiteracy rate of the state? Such incidents are unacceptable & the sad part is no media is showing this. Most of these incidents either go unregistered or are not given due importance by the media. We pray her soul rest in peace & harsh punishment is given to her murderers.


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