UCO Bank In Jaipur Looted At The Gun Point

In a shocking incident, 2 robbers looted Rs. 15 Lakhs at the gun point from UCO Bank’s Raja Park branch. The crime took place in the busy area of Jaipur on 20 July and has left residents of the area shocked.

As reported, two robbers entered UCO bank around 10 am in the morning after the peon and the cleaning worker opened the bank doors. The faces of robbers were covered using the handkerchief and they were also wearing the caps. As they entered, they open fired two shots and threatened the workers to keep their mouth shut.

As other employees continued to enter the bank, they were all held captive. The robbers forced the cashier to open the doors of the vault in which the cash was kept and fired a warning shot again. On gun point, they also snatched the gold chain and bangles of the second manager of the bank. They fled away with 15 lakh cash and jewellery of the employee worth 2.5 lakh rupees using a motorcycle of one of the bank employee.

The criminals were well aware of the fact that the bank had no security guard. They did a lot of homework before conducting the loot. The police and forensics team reached the spot and collected the evidence. The police officials are trying to establish the identification the robbers using CCTV footage.

The whole occurrence of events has left the employees in great shock as well as the residents of the area. Raja Park is one area always brimming with people and is a big surprise for everyone that such a terrible incident took place in the area that too in bright day light.

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