Here Is How You Can Do Your Bit To Save The Environment

A Chinese proverb says ” The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is Today. ” We are all well aware of the repugnant state our Environment is in and we all want to save our planet, but we are either too busy or too lazy to do anything about it. We all talk about how the government isn’t taking required initiative to improve the hostile condition of nature and throw our hands up saying we can’t really make a difference to the situation. Trust us that’s exactly where we are wrong.

Today on the occasion of WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY, why not start with few baby steps that are ultimately going to conserve the beauty we call Earth.  Few small changes in our lifestyle can really make big difference. Need proof? Here we bring to you a list of a couple of things and habits we Jaipurites can adopt in our daily life and help protect the planet.


No denying human needs a tree to survive. They are the most useful gift of nature and we can never have enough plants. As important it is to plant new saplings, taking good care of already existing ones is equally salient. Plant them saplings and adopt blossoming ones around you to make sure they always stay green. Because with every tree you adopt, you accomplish a hope.


We are sure you will agree Public Transport Facilities in Jaipur are really commendable. The government of Rajasthan has done a brilliant job in connecting city via numerous buses for every route. Also, Isn’t it is really convenient to use public transport rather than spending hours stuck in traffic? You can always take a metro ride to the destination or even car pooling serves the purpose. After all, all that we care about is environment and not just that, it’s also really economical 😉


It is no secret why recycling is important and how it can bring a big change to the surroundings. Waste you consider harmless is actually putting the environment in danger. Also Reusing and Donating are equally important. Not only it makes you a Nature Hero but also wins you smile from those at receiving end. Next time instead of dumping recyclable waste, collect it and give it away to ZeroWaste Recycling Private Ltd. They turn things into magic and ensure a cleaner and better tomorrow.


How many of you remember making those posters on save water or save electricity? We know it was part of everyone’s childhood but the question here is how many of us practice what we preached? With little smart steps, you can save a lot. Start by sharing a room with your siblings, not leaving those chargers plugged in, be more techno savvy and use less paper, ditch those pool parties and rather head out and learn something great this year.

Mother Earth was sleeping and we have been disturbing her since long. Why not be the change before it’s too later. One small change today could save lives tomorrow.  And remember ”WHAT WE STAND FOR IS WHAT WE STAND ON”.


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