Girl Falls From ICG College Rooftop In Jaipur, Dies On Spot

In a tragic incident that took place earlier this morning, a 16-year old girl fell from the rooftop of the 7-floor building of International College For Girls (ICG), Jaipur and lost her life.

Aditi Sanghi, a resident of Bapu Nagar was undertaking training for rope climbing in the supervision of her father Mr. Sunil Sanghi. A mountaineering camp was organised on the college campus and one side of the building was used for the same.

A group of girls was participating in the drill of ropes and mountain climbing. Aditi was on the rooftop with other girls and was all set to land on the floor from the 7th floor using rope. As she stepped up, she lost her balance and couldn’t hold the rope and ended up falling from the 7-floor building.

She was immediately rushed to the Metro Hospital where doctors declared her dead. She suffered from several head and bone injuries and died on the spot. While some girls alleged that the railing of the terrace was broken and is the reason behind the mishap, while CCTV footage shows the victim couldn’t hold the rope and fell from the building.

A case of negligence might be filed against the college as there were no security measures. Neither net was tied on the floor, nor there was any ambulance or doctor available on the spot.

Father of Aditi was present on the spot and haven’t reported any foul play. A postmortem was conducted later in the noon in Jaipuria Hospital. Police officials are conducting an inquiry and any official statement is still awaited. The college building is sealed for the time being. The tragedy has left the parents and students in shock.


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