Ghastly Accident In Jaipur: Truck Crumbles Car Killing 5 Including Couple Soon To Tie Knot

Life is really unpredictable. In a heart wrenching accident that happened on early Tuesday morning¬†around 05.00 am in Jaipur,¬†left eye witnesses completely shocked. An overly loaded truck lost it’s balance and collapsed on the car killing all 5 people travelling in the car at the time of mishap.

According to the reports, Truck carrying salt bags was coming from Sansar Chand Road. Near Chomu House Circle it suddenly lost it’s balance due to heavy weight and over speeding and ended up collapsing on the Car moving next to it. Not only truck but salt bags also fell on car. Police realised there were dead bodies only after they removed heavy vehicle and salt bags and saw blood. Bodies were mutilated and it was really difficult to take them out.

In the tragedy that took place a beautiful engaged couple died an untimely death along with three other family members. Roshni and Rahul got engaged in month of February and were all set to get married in November later this year. The couple was going to Nahargarh along with cousins to enjoy early morning ride and sunrise.

This breaks our heart. The couple was soon to start a new life together and both families were preparing for their big day with lots of enthusiasm. May the souls of all five killed in accident Rest In Peace and may Lord give the family strength to survive the hour of tragedy.

Accident once again questions the traffic laws. What’s most important is implementation of laws strictly in city. The entry of Heavily loaded trucks should be banned in city and Government really needs to buck up and enforce laws strictly to save lives of innocent.





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