Cruelty On Elephants In Jaipur Will Leave You In Tears

Yesterday was World’s Elephants Day and while the whole world was celebrating it & talking about the good condition of giant grey pride of the forest around the world, the cruelty on Elephants in Amber Fort, Jaipur has taken everyone by storm.

If you aren’t aware already, a group of American tourist visiting Jaipur witnessed a horrific incident of an elephant being beaten by handlers. The elephant was trying to escape from them as he was forced to carry visitors in high temperature and around 8 men carrying sticks arrived and allegedly proceeded to hit the elephant for up to 10 minutes in order to force the animal to obey them.

The tourist clicked pictures of the brutal incident, uploaded them on social media and wrote to PETA about it. The inspectors from Animal Welfare Board of India which includes experienced veterinarians and animal-welfare experts from PETA India, Animal Rahat & Wildlife SOS visited the spot. What they found as results were truly shocking & soul shattering for them.

Most of the animals were badly wounded. Not just that, some of them have turned blind and are still used for tourist activities. They are beaten using rods with sharp metal hooks on one end, are pierced, mutilated & kept chained for a long duration of time.

Check this video by AWBI & you’ll be shocked to see the condition of the Elephants in Jaipur.

The Kerela Highcourt through its order in 2014 & 2015 mandated that elephants used for rides must be registered with the AWBI. The Government of Rajasthan mandated that for elephants to be used in any film, serial, advertisement, ad-film, function, sport, event, exhibition, mela, or other performance, including for rides, the owner must register with the AWBI under PARR, 2001. However, none of the elephants used for rides in Jaipur are registered with the AWBI.

It’s a request from all of us to you, please take out 30 seconds and file this petition Through a small effort, you may save lives of many. Also, request your friends & family visiting Amber to not use Elephants for the ride.




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