Boy In Jaipur Swept Away In Rain | Incident Caught Live On Camera

In an unfateful incident, a 22-year old boy swept away in Amanishah Nallah in Jaipur yesterday. The boy was in his car & was trying to cross the drain while it was heavily raining & drain was overflowing.

The boy identified as Ayush Garg, an inhabitant of Barkat Nagar was driving through the Kartarpura Industrial Area when due to water pressure him along with his car swept away. A lot of people witness the horrific incident right in front of them and tried to save him but couldn’t. Ayush himself tried to escape the car but it pitchpoled & he drowned in the water.

The car was recovered later a few miles away and 10 teams of divers are still searching for his body. Though even after all the efforts, the body of the victim is yet to be spotted. The people around him tried to stop him from driving through drain as the flow was high but he ignored what everyone said.

The family of the victim is yet waiting for any updates from the search team & showed their disappointment in the administration by stopping the movement of vehicles on Tonk Road.

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