An Open Letter To The Truck Driver Who Murdered 5 People Yesterday

Not So Dear Truck Driver,

Hello! How are you doing? I’m sure you had a not so good night after taking lives of 5 innocent people yesterday. Did you?

Yes, I’m talking about same people you killed in a horrific road accident yesterday in Jaipur. I know you were too excited driving on empty roads and were too happy that nobody caught you even when you had almost 20 tons extra loaded on your vehicle. But none of it gives you right to over speed and drive in no truck lane.

You were so engrossed in your own happy world that you didn’t even realize there is a car moving next to you and you ended up tipping over the car crushing all 5 people to death. And what you did? You just decided to run away. You didn’t care to inform police and just left the scene to save your life leaving 5 badly injured people.

source: The PinkCity Post

Only if you called someone or informed people maybe all 5 or maybe at least 1 of them would have survived. I can only imagine how painful their last minutes must have been and how they must have struggled to get out from that car. They were happy people going out to enjoy the beautiful morning sun. They were crushed and suffocated to death only because of you.

Can you even imagine the pain their parents are going through? They are never ever ever going to see their apple of eyes, Again. The two children lost their beautiful mother and are waiting for her unaware of what has happened. You ruined many lives with one mistake.

I want to ask you what if because of someone else’s mistake your daughter, brother, son, wife, mother was crushed to death. I want to ask you about those restless nights you then probably will spend crying your heart out. This wasn’t an accident, this was a murder. And every murderer should be punished and you will be punished too. Not only by law but also by Karma.

My heart goes out to families who lost their children. My heart goes out to each one of them who lost their beloved in road accidents.

And you ‘not so dear truck driver’, I curse you. And I hope every other truck driver who rash drives overloaded trucks learn a lesson to never do it again. I hope they learn that life is precious and no one should die an untimely death just because you were having a good time driving too fast.

Truly Not Yours,
An Angry Indian

Who should we cry for? The ones who dies in road accidents or the ones whose souls are dead. May the ones lost their lives, rest in peace and the ones left behind, God give them strength.




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    Sakshi jain

    Who ever you are….thank u tooooo mucchhhh…..I had kost my very much good friend in this accidentπŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘
    Whatever was running in my mind since that moment you wrote it all …..tysm …nothing much to say😞😞😞

  2. 5

    Shocked to see this news and condolences to the families of the victims.

    I think the real problem is the police and the lack of enforcement of strict rules. Truck drivers work for transportation companies who overload the trucks and by-pass traffic routes to make a larger profit. In this case, it is the transportation company who is at fault.
    Most truck drivers are underpaid and highly stressed out due to long driving times. Mostly they don’t own the trucks.*
    We the citizens should put pressure on the authorities to ensure strict enforcement of the rules.
    Simple methods such as height/width restriction barriers placed on roads where trucks and heavy machinery should not be allowed and policing and heavy fining will go a long way in making the roads safer.
    *I have taken a lift several times in trucks and have talked to some truck drivers.

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