Hanging Chairs, Billiards & Projector – This Terrace Lounge Can Be Your Perfect Date Spot

Exploring Jaipur is CJ’s mission so that we can come up with some interesting or unexplored places for our readers. When we were cafè hoping to find the perfect hangout stops for you guys, we found that every other cafè had its own story and its own uniqueness which calls out Jaipurites for their visit. 

A couple of days back, team CJ landed up at the rooftop cafe of Hotel V-Inn which is definitely one its kind. It is located in Bani Park and is 10 mins away from Railway station. Its concept and comfort level has no other substitute in Jaipur. Once you visit it, you will sing along these same words with us.

As you enter, your attention will be caught by the Buddha water fountain. that is just in front of the entrance. As you get closer towards it, you will feel the positivity in the environment – the positive vibes.

It’s not at a great height but still, the view is breath-taking. You enjoy the view and the ambience, even more, when seated on those oscillating seats – which are no where else to be found in cafes resided in Jaipur. When thrown a party, V-inn can hold up to 75 people.

College bunks can undoubtedly be a source of refreshment when banged here because V-Inn rooftop also provides additional valuable services at no cost- such as “Billiards Pool”. Guys & Girls, isn’t it cool? Then add this place in your next stop list of Jaipur. You will certainly enjoy a wide range of Hookahs with Billiards pool and delicious food.

The best part is that, that the kitchen is live, it is viewable from your seats which gives transparency in the workplace between customers and chefs. You can trust the quality and the working standards of V-Inn.

They offer three different types of cuisines and specializes in “Sizzilicious” Sizzlers. It is an Ideal place for the Indian, Continental Cuisines and Mouth watering Kebabs.

Soothing music and delicious food at a reasonable cost are all one needs for a perfect evening. 

CJ Tip: As we have entered February, this place is definitely “A-Big-Go” for Valentines. You can make an evening special by presenting a short video on the projector that is right there on one end of the terrace.

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