Avial, Payasam & Thoran | Savour Delicious Onam Sadhya At This Food Festival In Jaipur

India is a land of festivals and no festival is complete without good food.
September is packed with festivals and events and here’s another one that you just wouldn’t want to miss out on!

Jaipur Pavilion at ITC Rajputana is celebrating Onam on 3rd September 2017 in true Kerala style for those who love all sorts of celebrations. Onam Sadhya as the name suggests is the typical Kerala feast prepared especially to celebrate the holy and joyous festival of Onam.

The chefs at the ITC have curated an exclusive menu that offers an array of signature Kerala dishes served on banana leaves, with a wide selection of traditional accompaniments to give you a feel of Kerala. The king-size Sadhya offers dishes like Pappadam (round crisp flour cakes), Upperi (fried chips), Kootu (curries), Uppilittathu (pickles), Chammanthi (chutney) teamed up with rice with authentic desserts such as Payasam and Prathman (pudding).

Of course, nothing beats the traditional fare cooked at home, served on plantain leaves, surrounded by your loved ones smacking and licking your fingers as you dig in, but if you can’t head to Kerala then the next best thing would be to make your way to the Onam Sadhya at ITC for equally authentic and delectable feast.

This Sunday ditch your plate of Rajma Chawal or Pizza from nearest outlet and enjoy luscious flavors spread of Avial, Thoran, Olan, Pachakari Stew, Adai Pradhaman and much more. Head on over, relish the feast and fall in love with the unlimited lunch buffet.

When: 3rd September 2017
Where: Jaipur Pavilion at ITC Rajputana
For Reservation Call: 01 41- 5151719 Or
Write to them at [email protected]

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