13 Ridiculously Cheap Food Addas In Jaipur Every Student Swear By

Don’t we all crave for loads of good food when all we have is a crumbling 100 Rupees note in our pocket? Well! Here we are to your rescue with these legendary food addas that every broke student in Jaipur swears by.

Bharat’s Bits n Bites

There is nothing “isse sasta, isse accha”. Quite literally! Bits n Bites is a small shop that offers all that is good and junk at super low prices. They are super popular for their signature Bingo Bhelpuri.

Where: Raja Park
Cost For 2: INR 200 approx.
What To Order: Bingo Bhel, Honey Chilli Potato, Mix Sauce Pasta, Masala Patties

Theka Coffe Da

A modest and striking cafe serving amazing shakes & sandwiches. This is one of the best places to hang out with friends while sticking to the budget.

Where: Near Saint Solider’s College, C-Scheme
Cost For 2: INR 250 approx.
What To Order: Cold Coffee, Whole Wheat Burger, Double Cheese Grilled Sandwich, Oreo Shake

Old Take Away

One of the oldest non-veg eatery in Jaipur, this place is a rage amongst young and old alike. The ambiance is quite shabby and modest, but their lip-smacking food and prompt services make up for it. This is a must try place for non-veg lovers.

Where: M.I. Road
Cost For 2: 500 approx.
What To Order: Chicken Tikka, Butter Chicken, Murgh Hara Dhaniya, Rumali Roti, Kadhai Murgh, Mutton Roganjosh, Haryali Tikka

Roll Express

This small outlet shop serves rolls to die for. They have a small seating arrangement outside the shop and the rolls start at as low as 30 bucks.

Where: Mansarovar
Cost For 2: INR 200 approx.
What To Order: Chicken Roll, Chaap Roll, Veggie Roll

China Town

If Desi Chinese is a thing, they serve exactly that. This popular food joint is always flooded with students. They even have combo meals on their menu. You can also have their food delivered at your place.

Where: Malviya Nagar
Cost For 2: INR 200
What To Order: Chicken Lollipop, Tandoori Momos, Red Pasta, Chilli Chicken

The Doors

You can never go wrong with anything North Indian on their menu. Insider’s secret, you can always find folks from AIESEC Jaipur gulping down like anything at this place (and their Exchange Participants too!). Yes, even foreigners love their food.

Where: M.I. Road
Cost For 2: INR 300 approx.
What To Order: Paneer Takatak, Paneer Butter Masala, Dal Makhni, Rajma Rice

Curious Life Coffee Roasters

An excellent place for coffee meetings at reasonable prices. You could sit here for hours without being asked to leave.

Where: C-Scheme
Cost For 2: INR 300 approx.
What To Order: Coffee Waffles, Pancakes, Cheese Sandwich


Always brimming with students, GVD is popular for their cold coffee. It is the best place to head over after splurging on shopping.

Where: Malviya Nagar
Cost For 2: INR 250 approx.
What To Order: Cold Coffee, Cheese Patties, Aloo Patties, Chilli Paneer, Chilli Garlic Noodles

Indian Coffee House

The Indian Coffee House is a restaurant chain in India, run by a series of worker co-operative societies. There are two of these in Jaipur, at M.I. Road and Jawahar Kala Kendra. JKK’s Coffee House is always packed with artists and students. The place has a rustic old-world charm that doubles up the experience.

Where: Jawahar Kala Kendra, M.I. Road
Cost For 2: Under 100
What To Order: Masala Dosa, Coffee, Egg Noodles

Katti Batti- Cafe & Mini Meal

Located near Jyotiba Phule College, this cafe remains jam-packed with students. Their decor is minimalistic and the menu is very basic yet very yummy.

Where: Sodala
Cost For 2: INR 200 approx.
What To Order: Kit Kat Shake, Veg Lasagna

Saras Parlour

This iconic ice cream parlour is a hub of students from nearby colleges like MNIT, etc. They offer super creamy ice creams, soft and juicy paneer pakoras, and other dairy products.

Where: Malviya Nagar
Cost For 2: INR 150 approx.
What To Order: Ice cream, Paneer Pakora, Lassi, Jalebi

Aunty’s Cafe

This legendary street food joint needs no explanation. From pav bhaji to pizza they serve it all.

Where: Near Statue Circle
Cost For 2: INR 200 approx.
What To Order: Pav Bhaji, Dosa, Chowmein, Coke

Tea Tradition

Should you wish to sit along and sip some coffee in silence or work on that important project with friends, this place is the best. Their menu is basic yet satiating and the ambiance is super decent.

Where: C-Scheme
Cost For 2: INR 300 approx.
What To Order: Masala Maggie, Samosa Chaat, Aampapad Chai, Coffee

Are you still going to McDonald’s? Come on bro! How can you miss on such lip-smacking food? HOW?


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