This Village In Rajasthan Plants 111 Trees On Birth Of Girl Child

While the whole country is worrying about the decreasing ratio of the girl child and increasing rate of global warming, residents of Piplantri village are setting an example. Piplantri is a village in Rajasmand district of Rajasthan.

For the last many years villagers of Piplantri are doing their best to save girl child and also are increasing green area around the village. Every time a girl child is born villagers plant 111 trees in and around the village and also take care of them like a child. Over the years villagers have managed to plant over a quarter million trees of Mango, Sheesham, Neem, Amla etc.

Also, to protect these trees from termite villagers have planted more than 2.5 million Aloe Vera trees around these plants. These trees are now also the major income source for the villagers.

Not just that, they also ensure every girl of the village gets a good education and hence set up a fixed deposit for them. Every family with a girl child also needs to sign an affidavit that ensures their safety and education.

We are so inspired by this and wholeheartedly thank each and every single person participating in this. This revives our faith in humanity and encourages us and many more to make this earth a better place to live.

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