Write Letters And Spread Positivity This Saturday In Jaipur

Someone said it right, ”Communication can heal everything”. In today’s world, people have no time for real communication and it is limited to WhatsApp messages or E-mail. In the hush of fast pacing life, somewhere hand written letters have lost their essence. It’s so rare to receive a letter these days.

Well, with The Goodwill Tribe’s ”Letter Earthlings” not anymore. The Goodwill Tribe is coming to Jaipur on 22nd July 2017 at O2- The Plant Cafe with an amazing initiative of writing letters to the strangers and spread love and happiness through them.

You can request a letter for the people going through tough times in life or just to let your loved ones know you care. All you need to do is fill out a form and share the details about the recipient and why they need a lesson. Not just that, you can request a letter for yourself.

Many people come together to write the requested letters and decorate them with love and passion. The Goodwill Tribe also calls out volunteers from the city they are organising an event in and ask the volunteer to understand and empathise with the strangers. They believe in sharing positivity through these letters.

Be a part of an amazing cause and spread some zeal by writing letters. Volunteer for the event and experience the joy of giving. You can request a letter for yourself or your loved ones at https://goo.gl/forms/EoDd61LqCkFzAQbr1 .

The letters you will write or request for will be creatively packed and will be sent to the ones they are requested for via snail mail. Let’s dive into the nostalgia and wait for the knock at our doors or how about making your loved ones feel the same way?

Location: O2- The Plant Cafe

Timing: 18.00 pm- 20.00 pm

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