Spend The Musical Night With Oldies In Jaipur And Live The Golden Era

We know every weekend looks the same for you. You and your gang head to a popular pub and drink till the same jokes start to repeat and you can barely hear what anyone is saying.

Tell you what. Try something novel this 12 August as Connect Jaipur is organising a Ghazal Evening at Prem Niketan Old Age Home. Melodies With Goldies is an amazing event that will be held on the occasion of International Senior Citizen Day on second Saturday of the August for the oldies of the Ashram.

In the fast pacing life, somewhere we have left our elderlies behind and hardly spend any time with them. Especially the ones who are residing in old age home and are away from their families from the longest. The sole purpose of the event is to bring the brightest smiles on their face through music and live the golden era with them. There will be music, there will be laughter and words of wisdom will flow.

Also, all the golden ager of the old age home will be given a quick makeover. Isn’t this is interesting? We invite you all along with your grand parents to join us for the musical night, watch them mingle with each other and laugh the night away. Spend some time with them and see the brightest smiles of their face and twinkle in their eyes.

Venu- Prem Niketan Old Age Home
Date & Time- 12 August 2017, 06.00 pm- 08.00 pm


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