5 Reasons Why Should Be Excited About Talk Journalism Happening In Jaipur

Media is often referred as the fourth pillar. It is that mirror of the society which showcases true faces. Talk Journalism is a three-day media festival happening in Jaipur powered by Zee News Rajasthan to celebrate the power and potential of Journalism and Media.

We bring to you five reasons why you should be super excited about Talk Journalism happening in Jaipur and should definitely attend it.

Celebrated Speakers

The festival is going to witness some of the biggest names in the field of Journalism and Media. There present will be sought after media personalities like- Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai, Arun Shourie and many more. You certainly shouldn’t even give attending the event a second thought and fill yourself with words of wisdom.

Innovative & Informative

Talk Journalism is one of its kind. It’s super innovative and gives you in-depth information about present day media and journalism. Mass media is wide and has an influence everywhere.  Several talks and debates that will be conducted during these three days will give you an insight of not only how media works but also big changes that are brimming in and around the nation.


There will be multiple workshops conducted by Google, Twitter and Instagram in the fest. These workshops will be super productive for one and all. Also, conducted will be storytelling workshop by Kommune. These workshops promise a thrilling experience and you can gain a lot of knowledge from these workshops.

Master Class

There will be a master class by veteran investigative journalist Nick Davies for journalism students. The master class should be something you should be looking forward to. Attendees in Talk Journalism will be people from the journalistic background, different digital media platforms, print media and much more.

Pitching Competition

The media festival is also going to have a pitching competition for startups in the field of Journalism and Mass Communication. There will be people from all around India with their innovative ideas and success stories. You can come, listen to them and share your ideas as well if you are one trying to build a business.

Talk Journalism will be conducted at The Fairmont from 28th July 2017 to 30 July 2017. Fairmont is one of the best property in the town. You can spend the free time enjoying picturesque surroundings or enjoy a great meal there.

The entry to the event is free and you can register online.



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