Attractive Deals Up For Grabs At Ranthambore’s Pop-Up Souk

Even if open-air wildlife film screenings or hot air ballooning aren’t inviting you to Ranthambore for 3 days of an all-encompassing, groovy festival, this sure will! The thronging Pop-Up Souk! Yes, save all your shopping cravings for the first long weekend. They have all the diverse and eclectic lifestyle brands to give a backing to your commitment to trendy and voguish shopping.

Wanna know who all are going to host the Souk? We’ll tell you everything about it as you scroll down! Patience, people!

Tokree, Jaipur


A Jaipur-based curio shop, Tokree has a wide range of collections of fashion finds, Indian handicrafts, antique boxes, rustic table fans and vintage Indian perfume bottles.

Teatro Dhora, Jaipur

teatro dhora

Looking for extraordinarily elegant pieces? This is the right place to shop from!
Teatro Dhora by DHORA is Jaipur’s first concept store, with a real concept indeed! They are home to graceful clothing & accessories and unconventional housewares. They specialize in block prints with traditional motifs and a twist of fashionable patterns.


Ever heard the term sustainable clothing? Get the most ecologically and economically produced garments at Shorshe. It is home to India’s best handicrafted fabrics, woven by the crafstmen & weavers of West Bengal.


Nicobar is a lifestyle brand that intends to create a modern Indian way of living, dressing and looking at the world. It is much more than just fabric and thread. It is a clothing experience. Upgrade your closet with the classiest collection from this label.


Okhai is a brand that promotes handcrafted products. This project is based in the village Okhamandal (Gujarat). They provide employment and training to the local artisans and rural women. It aims at spreading awareness about the traditional crafts of the region, thus preserving a rich part of our national cultural heritage for generations to come.

You can shop kurtis, short tops, skirts and wrap-arounds. They also make bed sheets, table mats, cushion covers, napkins, curtains and variety of bags and purses.



Dhonk is a Ranthambore-based craft shop. It is a treasure trove for the shop-a-holics. They have a wide ranging collection that includes everything to everything. Apparels, home decor, accessories, jewellery, gifts, ethnic local items and more.
It aims to provide a sustainable livelihood to local families of Ranthambhore, so that they can benefit through the tourism avenues.

Dastkar Ranthambore

Dastkar Ranthambore is an initiative of Dastkar and Ranthambore Foundation to resettle the communities who lost access to all the resources due to the creation of Ranthambore National Park.
They produce fashion accessories like bags, scarf, pouches and home furnishings like cushions, table linen, bed spreads etc., The basic techniques used in their products are patch work, hand embroidery, block printing, distinctive Tiger motif, etc.


Imagine rails of haute couture from country’s leading fashion houses, all in a line. This isn’t a daydream, come make it happen for real at the Ranthambore Festival.
Mark the calendar – 27th – 29th January. So, see you at the breathtakingly beautiful Nahargarh Palace?

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