Missed The Anonymous Writer Workshop? Here are the Updates from Ground-Zero

“If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.”  A famous quote! We all have heard it like 50000 in our lives. But do you know who penned this down, anyone?

These are the words of Jim Rohn, an American author, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur, who died in 2009. Such is the quandary of being a writer, people remember your words, use them very often but they won’t remember you for giving those pearls of wisdom. And thus writers remain anonymous, most of the time.

But for Abhijit Chakraborty, the word anonymous doesn’t mean ‘unknown’ in this context. According to him anonymous means ‘faceless but not nameless’. And thus, he incepted The Anonymous Writer, an English-Hindi-Urdu storytelling platform which now happens to be a community of thousands of anonymous writers.

With the same propaganda, Chakraborty was in Jaipur on Sunday for a creative writing session organized by Awaaz Studio at The Good Times Cafe. He talked about the format and structure of stories, the importance of content and the impact a text should leave on the readers. Here’s how it goes like- one, think of your unique idea, two, build upon it; start with a bang, intrigue the reader, in the beginning, tweak their interests in the middle and finish off with something completely unpredictable.  This was followed by a little writing and brooding exercise for the attendees.

The participants wrote a nano-tale using the prompt given by Abhijit. You could try it too, maybe.

   “Beautiful valley, white snow, _____________ _________”

Towards the end of the do, Jaipur literati gave spoken word performances of poetry, rap and story. The workshop focused on the difficulties faced by amateur writers in getting their work acknowledged and how they tend to lose interest due to lack of it. Abhijit encouraged the young writers to keep writing and brandishing their skills rather than losing heart. As he quotes from the movie Pursuit of Happyness, “If you have a dream, protect it.”

With the promise of being back in February or April next year, The Anonymous Writer bid adieu to the crowd.


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