Nine Times At JLF When The Clock Stopped Ticking And Time Stood Still

Jaipur’s January jamboree has taken off for another year. As the world of words opened its gate for five days at the Diggi Palace, all bookmen and bibliophiles congregated at the heritage site. Like all other times, even this year was a series of vivid and dramatic affairs. The distinguished authors, the celebrity gawking, the romance of the Diggi Palace, the Diggipur ki masala chai, the divine morning music, the melodious musical nights added to the fervour and warmth, despite the chill in the January air.

Recollecting the memories from past five days, we want to preserve moments that we can’t stop passing fancy for! Here’s a recollection of those ten moments when time freezed and we were flying-

Gulzar Sahab’s Lyrical Opening Session


What a poetic morning that was, when Gulzar Sahab, in his usual gentle tone, carried us on top of his words to the world of metaphors, in the very first session of the Lit Fest. Ah! Take me back!

Sadhguru’s Oration 


Sadhguru is a yogi, mystic and New York Times bestselling  author, and to outshine all this, he’s a great orator. In conversation with Producer, Sanjoy K. Roy, about his latest book “Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy”, the wise man enlightened us with some amazing life lessons to stick by.

Freeze-Frame Artists

freeze frame artist

Did you come across those creative heads who were making instant portrait sketches in just 15 minutes?
That was exactly what we can call *freeze in time*. People stood still and posed for the portraits, which was a sight to capture!

Main Shayar Toh Nahin…

rishi kapoor

Even after all these years, none of our girls can stop fangirling over the King Of Romance, Rishi Kapoor, when he sings “Main Shayar Toh Nahin…”
Oh! What a gratification of all senses to absorb such a breathtaking moment in our memory space.

The World Hears When He Speaks

shashi tharoor

One of the greatest orator of the era, Shashi Tharoor, is an influencer who somehow manages to catch hold of all the listeners. He has been a regular speaker at JLF. He speaks of the world, from the world’s perspective and the world hears him. And, why not? He uses the most powerful and challenging tool to  sway an audience, build up, or tear down.

The Kahaani Connection

neelesh misra

Die-hard fan of the Neelesh Misra Show?
The face behind that healing voice that keeps us glued to the FM. It was such an awe-inspiring experience to know him from a step closer. His journey is a reflection of his creativity and brilliance. We were swaying and laughing before he sang a beautiful self-written song from a bollywood movie, Barfi – “Kyon”, that sure left us freezed in the moment.

The Endearing Little Grin 

malika dua

Saw Mallika Dua slay it off? We loved how she expelled all the dregs off the picture and tackled with all the claptrap that came her way.
More power to you, Mallika! We totally loved the way you slashed it off!

Not So Terribly Tiny


Some great storytellers were born during that one hour session. Their interactive session of building a story from scratch and how he discussed all the beautiful micro-fiction and the stories behind them.
Time freezed when they took us back to our old-school bestfriend, who we missed badly when they read to us the “Open Letter To A Long-Distance Bestfriend”. Almost all of us could relate to each and every word that was written.


Freeze while you Cheeeeessseee!

JLF had suspending moments for all the ‘not-so-much-into-literature’ people as well. How? You obviously know the answer – Selfieeee! So many people were busy striking the right pose, stretching the right smile or giving the right expression. Looked as if they were statue-ed by someone.
But jokes apart, they aren’t to be blamed, since the venue was so beautiful that anyone would want to be clicked against that beautiful background.

These were just ten moments that we’ve picked from the plethora of pretty pictures that formed in the back of our minds while writing it.
Do let us know in the comments section below if there’s anything that you could relate to or if there’s any other episode that just couldn’t find a space in this article. We’d love to hear your stories from JLF’17!

JLF, you beauty! You’ll be cherished and missed. See you next year!


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