This Shop In Walled City Serves Best Kanji Vada In Jaipur

Kanji Vada provides comfort like nothing else in the hot scorching sun. The Marwari delicacy is really popular in North India and you can spot many versions of it in different regions.

During one of our food trail in the walled city along with the food blogger thefoodictionary, we ended up at Shree Ram Chat Bhandar in Ghee Valon Ka Rasta. The small shop situated in Johri Bazar sells delicious Kanji Vada. The vadas are made using moong dal and are immersed in tangy mustard flavoured liquid. The homely taste, the superb quality and awesome host, all of it definitely makes it the best in the city.

On days when you crave for something light yet refreshing, head over to Shree Ram Chat Bhandar and relish yourself with a plate of healthy Kanji Vada.

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