This Hidden Eatery In JKK Serves Authentic Dal Baati Churma

Madhuban’s Padharo Sa, the name itself is enough to explain the Rajasthan vibes of the place. This place is perfect to visit on refreshing rainy evenings. The cool breeze and the wet scent of soil would definitely soothe your hearts and souls.

Located within Jawahar Kala KendraMadhuban serves scrumptious Rajasthani and Indian food. Yes! Jkk is not only about the art exhibitions and Indian Coffee House. There is a lot more to it intact in boundaries.

The walls are made out of mud for that touch of Rajasthan. Roundabouts have bamboo shades along with the plastic furniture on the one hand, while the other hand has muddas and the beautiful Rajasthani seating on the floor.

The thalis they serve are highly popular and the most demanded one is ‘Dal Bati churma Special’ priced only Rs. 240. Though the thali is limited, it is quite enough for one person. 

The special thali consist- Besan ka Churma, Wheat Churma, Masala and Sada bati (2 each), kadhi, Dal, Gattee ki Sabzi, Mirch tapode, Rice, Papad and Chhach. Well, honestly that’s a whole lot to finish.

Nothing really disappoints in this thali, but then the show stoppers are Besan ka churma and Masala bati. Chhach (buttermilk) proves to be the saviour in summer evenings and act as a refresher to humid minds.

To give the real punch, they are overloaded with ghee. Apart from this, they serve a wide variety of North Indian dishes and snacks at really affordable prices.

What we suggest is, if you are craving for dal bati churma or just want to have a quiet meal away from the hustle-bustle of the city, you must visit this place.

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