5 Types Of Students You Find In St. Xavier’s College

College is full of new experiences and lessons, many of which you learn out of the classroom. It boggles our mind how you can spot various type of people under one tiny roof. So here we present to you 5 types of students you meet in St. Xavier’s College.

Canteen Is My College

These ones are often seen in college but never in the vicinity of the classroom, teachers or the library. You will find them in the canteen every time probably gulping down ‘Sabzi Waali Maggi’ with their friends.

The Nerds

College is for classes or for never, we know you’re there in Xavier’s too. These students are the class representatives, the participators in the class and the topper of the department. They set the score goals too high for all the others &  everybody is talking to them during exams. Relate?

 The Performer

These students only visit the college to be a part of the drama, dance, singing or just seen when there is a vacation out of Jaipur where teachers aren’t accompanying (FREEDOM LOVE ALERT!). With hardly any or a little interest in studies, they believe in a world just outside of the text books.

The Beauties Without Brains

Girls? Waking up one hour prior just to get the perfect winged eyeliner & pouty lips, we know you exist. These girls are never seen attending classes because they are there just to look top notch and also because 75% attendance isn’t compulsory.

The Once in a Blue Moon

You will encounter these students every year but never during lectures. The only time you see them is during the time of exams because “College mein class kaun attend karta hai?”

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